Hatchery began as a self-directed residency that aimed to capitalise on the recent changed circumstances to experiment with new creative approaches using the time to think deeply and differently about my creative practices. It is now a group of artists from the UK, Italy and Canada who have linked together for mutual support, creative input and discussion. We believe that whilst we may be in a novel confined existence, there is no reason to be limited in our art outlook. Hatchery is about thinking and making, creativity in whatever form, be it art, music, writing or anything else.



Hatchery Artists is a multidisciplinary group of artists using the recently changed circumstances to experiment with new creative approaches. The exhibition, She’d, named to reflect our ability to carve a quiet space and time out of our domestic situations to continue making work and the fact that we also just happen to be all female, focuses on works made or progressed during the lockdown. The artists are: Dr. Chris A. Wright (UK), Dee Shiels (UK), Dr. Helen Lees (Italy), Helen Stephenson (UK), Jackie Berridge (UK), Linda Duvall (Canada) and Mary Hayes (UK).


Dr. Chris A. Wright (UK)
Dr. Helen Lees (Italy)
Linda Duvall (Canada)
Dee Shiels (UK)
Helen Stephenson (UK)
Mary Hayes (UK)
Jackie Berridge (UK)


Blog 10   Covid19

What is ephemerality? Transience, lasting for a short time. Synonyms are : momentariness, temporariness, transience, fleetingness, fugitiveness, impermanence, impermanency, evanescence Andy writes in his blog called Ephemeral Objects: 'I would propose that ephemerality is a condition, or perhaps characteristic, of liminal existence, that an essential “thing in itself” may persist over time, though its composition…

Blog 9 Covid19

Trying to move on, I decided to look at the way insects see flowers. Most can't see light with a wavelength greater than 650 nanometres. Yellow, at 580 nanometres is difficult for most insects to see, which comes as a surprise.  Bees see red as black and flies are attracted by blue and colours that…

Into the future

I have just looked back over the two She’d exhibitions and I am amazed at how much work we have actually produced in such a short time. There is no doubt that the first exhibition focuses on our situation and it would be strange if it didn’t. It is at the foremost of everyone’s mind.…