Dee Shiels

Artist Biography:

Dee Shiels lives in Leicester City. She became a practising artist after working for over 30 years as a Community Development Practitioner with several disadvantaged communities. She graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2010 with a 1st class degree in Fine Art and has exhibited in the UK and internationally.

Dee has a studio in Leicester at StudionAme.

Art Practice:

Dee’s practice is influenced by social, environmental and personal history. She works within the context of history, memory and the residues left behind, residues that weave themselves into contemporary personae and environments.

Dee’s works strives for harmony and will often reflect collections, communities and repetition in a variety of materials. More recently, Dee has been experimenting with textiles and the opportunities fabric, weave and stitch may have along with various printing techniques.

During lockdown, she has been concentrating on her urban garden and the many memories and connections it stimulates during what is a difficult time in society and her own personal life.

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  • Day 70 in Isolation

    It is day number 70, the sun is shining and the garden Robin is singing loudly this morning. It doesn’t seem like a bad day despite its number. The gusting winds of the last two days have almost brought the clematis clad archway that sits in front of the shed down. I have nothing to…