Day 70 in Isolation

It is day number 70, the sun is shining and the garden Robin is singing loudly this morning. It doesn’t seem like a bad day despite its number. The gusting winds of the last two days have almost brought the clematis clad archway that sits in front of the shed down. I have nothing to fix it with so it will remain tumbled down and I will have to bend precariously if I wish to enter the space and work.

After a minor garden tidy I finally settle down to some creative work. I have my Xcut craft press squarely set up on a workbench just outside the shed, paper soaking in an old baking tray and the necessary wipes, newsprint etc to mop up excess water. A small collection of plants that I have some emotional connection with (Burnet,Blue margarurite,Clematis Viticella, Huecherella, Perennial Geranium and Herb Robert) are sitting on the table, I’m planning to blind print.

While battling with a gentle breeze that blows the papers about and several messy attempts I finally decide that the Herb Robert plant produces the best results. The finished prints are put to dry and press so they lie flat. One of the prints will become the front cover of a Turkish Map fold that is currently work in progress.

Why Herb Robert (Geranium Robertianium) you may ask? Herb Robert is a native annual wild flower common throughout the UK and grows in all sorts of nooks and crannies. It’s a wild flower and wild is where I want to be right now not stuck in an urban garden, in isolation and shielding. I found the Herb Robert amongst a pile of garden paraphernalia behind the shed. The plant also reminds me of my brother, who I can’t see or hug right now.

In researching the plant after printing I have discovered, much to my surprise, that it has several colloquial names including ‘Stinking Bob’ because it smells of mouse droppings! It also has several folklore connections with ‘Robin Goodfellow’ the naughty/wicked goblin/sprite that torments the home. I apologise to my brother but it makes rather a good embossed print.

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