June 10th

The administration for Hatchery is taking most of my time. Thoughts about my artwork have to share this space.  Now, however, I get a feeling, a sense of something impending which is gratifying. I am falling in love with sound again. My original thoughts were that it has a sculptural shape but is nonetheless ambiguous. That through the process of listening we can transform that sound into  the shape we want it to have. This shape relates to feelings, senses and emotions that relate to the space we are in. That is, not only the physical space but the mental space.


I began my studies of sound from the viewpoint of its transgressing borders. I always had the idea of the shape of sound as a physical object and spent a year exploring sculpture and what exactly is meant by sculpture.  I endlessly made ambiguous forms using paint. The reason for this medium were lack of funds and availability as I had been given a lot of paint. However, using paint also meant that the sculptures were ever-changing as the paint dried. A lot of ideas came out of that study that are still being processed. So this seems to be becoming my starting point again. Sound and space through ambiguity and dichotomy.

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