Covid 19 Blog Day 1

Reading a short piece by Simon Withers on the Nottingham Contemporary website. He writes about Ovid who was in exile. Simon writes: ‘ I am living in an open prison …..This is a non place in which I am judge jury and executioner. Inside these walls I have time to self-reflect and ruminate…..I am held in limbo’

So true!! That is where we all are right now. At a loss. So when I was invited to join Hatchery it was a wonderful opportunity for a focus of some kind.

My interest as an artist is colour, and I have long been toying with the idea of focusing on flowers, but it’s a difficult one to address. How do you find your own niche where flowers are concerned? Hasn’t it all been done before?

Undaunted I looked around my garden. Being spring there should be something, I thought. There was. A trough of red tulips were in flower

The sun was shining through the translucent petals and offering me my first challenge, so I got out my pencil and paints and got started.

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