Day 3 Covid 19 Blog

Looking at the tulips again, I decided to focus just on the point where the sun hits the petal.  This time I made a small sketch of just the red petals with a thin yellow edge where the petal is most transparent. Much happier with this, it looks like a colour field painting . No hard edges, colour blend. Maybe I will try to create a larger painting, perhaps using oil paint.

Mmmm need to find out a bit more about colour field painters.

Well its clearly NOT colour field painting because that is flat and expressionless according to Greenberg (Greenberg, Clement. Art and Culture, Beacon Press, 1961)


Maybe its more like lyrical abstraction.?

  1. In America it was ‘Characterized by intuitive and loose paint handling, spontaneous expression, illusionist space, acrylic staining, process, occasional imagery, and other painterly and newer technological techniques.’ (Ashton, Dore. Young Abstract Painters: Right On! Arts v. 44, n. 4, February, 1970, pp. 31–35.)
  2. For the artists in France, Lyrical Abstraction represented an opening to personal expression.
  3. Well the French definition seems about right.

Why does it matter?

Only because as Newton said “I am standing on the shoulders of giants” (ref: one pound coin edge)

I like the work of Franck Duminil.  From Paris (France)  1933 –  2014  his work is rooted in lyrical abstraction; his paintings have a subtle use of colour.

Of course when you think of flowers you are immediately reminded of Georgia O’Keefe. She blended abstraction and representation and was named “The mother of American Modernism”.

More reading required

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