Day 5 Covid 19 Blog

I remembered today that I had bought a portable microscope to look at some glass.

I took a little bit of blackthorn on my daily allowed walk and put it under the microscope.

It’s a new world today!! It is stunning!!

Interesting how the blossom has one or sometimes two bigger longer stamens. Encyclopaedia Britannica says that these are the female part of the flower called the pistil, and are sticky. The stamens are the shorter ones and there are more of them. Also, they are covered in pollen grains. Need a bigger microscope!!


I also found a catkin. This showed up purple green and yellow areas with calligraphic hairy bits

Then at a closer magnification the colours stayed but created busy complicated abstract matting

and I looked at a piece of twig with lichen on it.  Suddenly I was confronted by a surface like the moon with dish craters, and silvery hairy oakleaf shapes. The colours that appeared were so different from the ones I normally see.  So this really was fun!

I also took a quick look at the forget-me-not. Very appropriate as I have written seven condolence letters this week.

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