Day 6 Covid 19 Blog

In Japan the Japanese people all look forward to Hanami time.  This is when the cherry trees are in blossom.  It is one of the first trees to announce spring.  There are hundreds of trees with stunning displays of colour and the families just go and walk amongst the blossoming trees.

So I was excited to find a Cherry with blossom, even if it was white, not pink. Under the microscope I noticed shapes that I had seen before holding pollen.

Cherry blossom signifies the ephemerality of life, which is particularly apt right now.  It is beautiful but blows away so quickly.  My sketch does not make it look ephemeral at all, but I wasn’t focusing on that. The Great White Cherry grows to 10 metres with a wide spread so no good for a small garden, but a small tree from a dwarfing rootstock might be nice…


Another association for me is the children’s story called ‘The Land of Pink Snow’ (BBC Radio 4 FM, 26 January 1968 14.00)   which is a reminder that most of us are in the best place right now.

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