She’d Exhibition 1

The ethos for this exhibition, She’d,  of which this is the first part, was to show how the Covid-19 situation has enabled us to develop our work in spite of the limitations imposed on us.  This idea of a residency is to have an intense period of working on our practices, and this seemed an ideal opportunity. Having the opportunity to share our thoughts, we have also exchanged book titles and relevant exhibitions that were a substitute for access to libraries and galleries.


Whilst most of us began using familiar ideas and techniques, I think we all started thinking more deeply about our work. In general, we began to look around our home situations and found that the natural world was where we felt most happy and content and gained a tranquillity that allowed us to escape from anxious thoughts. In essence, this exhibition is about escape, escape to the mythical shed, where we leave our worries outside and enter into a different place. It is a ritualistic gesture whose public manifestation encompasses painting, sculpture, printing, drawing and performance in this first part of She’d.


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