Chris Wright

I have always had a very close bond with the natural world and these works make use  of the wide range of weather we have been having recently especially around the River Soar in Leicestershire.. The intense sunshine has created mirrors in the river and Slow Flow explores the tiny winds that occur at water level as a fallen feather meanders in the reeds. Fast Flow is almost the opposite, water on water in the tremendous storms we have been having. The sound track is made both above and below the surface of the river. River is an ongoing a series of photographs, of which four are shown here.


The sound track, Early Birds, was began during the silent time when the birds could be heard in full glory. This was the basis for a minimalist improvisation on keyboard.


These pieces explore change  minute changes that we have no control over such as localised microclimates but also the greater weather patterns which may be the results of global warming.

Artist Biography:

Dr. Chris A. Wright graduated in 2013 with a PhD in Fine Art and Philosophy from Staffordshire University. She is an interdisciplinary artist, researcher and writer based in the East Midlands, UK. She exhibits, undertakes residencies, presents at conferences both nationally and internationally primarily using sound but also sculpture, drawing, film and live art in an experimental practice that lies at the intersection of fine art and philosophy. She has been included in several publications about sound. To use the opportunity of this strange situation, she began Hatchery, an artist group that aims to provide mutual support both personally and in an art context as well as art discussion including online gallery visits.


Art Practice:

Chris is a conceptual sound artist exploring the ideas that the sonic instigates, highlights or exposes especially at the intersection of body, sound and space, (and thus, time), she uses different techniques to gain an understanding from performance, instrumentation, text and collaboration. Concerned with time and space particularly transitory spaces such as borders and the moment where one thing becomes another; ideas generated by found objects, dropped words, snippets of light; materials and process. She has imitated birdsong and monkeys in India, sailed paper boats down the Mekong River to look borderlines; blown across a bottle top in Norway; recorded 400,000 bees in Birmingham and hummed in a crypt in Sardinia. She also develops peer critique networks, collaborations and communal ways of working including Skype as a means of artistic input.


Early Birds (audio)

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