March 21

I thought that I had a brilliant idea for a way to respond to this current state of self-quarantine. I would use Facetime, and ‘Walk and Talk into Spring’ on the land with various people. As we talked over the telephone, we could each see where the other person was. I planned to walk around the land every day, and whoever I was talking with could share the gradual melting of the snow, and the changing of the colour to shades of green. I came up with this idea before I got back to Saskatchewan, and when I was feeling totally immobilized and non-productive. I was excited about having a daily shape to my new life, that involved virtual time with others and chatting.

So I am now on the land, and the first test was yesterday. It worked really well for about 3 minutes. We talked, and each took photos through Facetime. The other person has a record of the snow and bare trees. I saw their living room, desk and fireplace. Then I moved just slightly down the hill and lost all video connection. I moved back up the hill but the connection never returned. Apparently rural Saskatchewan doesn’t have enough bandwidth for longer than 3 minutes.

I also realized that I was looking for a quick and easy way to respond to this very curious and weird and difficult time. As an artist, I think up these kinds of projects all the time. But what I really need to do is to slow myself down, and really feel what is happening to me, and to all of us. I need to just wander around without a plan, and without a need to achieve anything.

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