Moving forwards, not standing still

Hatchery residency via artcore? Done. Two exhibitions, some frission, excitement, a bit of a show. Showing one is, does. Somewhat knows.

Then there is the next part, which is? For this no script is written although the Hatchery group has decided to stay together. So we continue. Extremely nice and, in fact, a little bit special.

Next? For me it’s a slow rise to a state of play where I am operational. That means selling work. But what I learnt in hatchery-artcore times is that art as such involves meaning. Meaning takes time to build. It has to be authentic, not for the market. I’ve been thinking. Looking in books, reflecting on artists known and trying to understand who and what I am as an artist. So far I’ve come up with the following: I like beauty, I’m very philosophical, I like creating silence through art. That’s it. Can you guess what the art work I’ll eventually be selling will look like?

Me neither. But I’m excited to find out…and I have some small, burgeoning ideas involving all that one ever was that one rejected that one embraces but cast anew…

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