If one then is an artist. To be, or not to be? Yes, to be… What standard does one live by? What defines one as qualifying as an artist? What is a good artist?

I think, after 30 years part-time pondering of such questions that, for me, finally, it’s about making money. A good artist’s products are appreciated to the point of being wanted in exchange for cash. But also and more importantly – something I’ve come to understand better and appreciate better through Hatchery – a good artist is one who believes in their work- whether it sells, or not.

So I am a good artist if I commit to my practice. If I do my practice sincerely and consistently. Then and then only am I confirmed as good if luck strikes and someone buys my work. But by then it should no longer be anything to do with luck – more magnetism to what has become, through commitment and depth of reflection, quality work.

Let’s see.

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