Stand Up Straight

It’s hard to be an artist. There’s the economy of the visual arts (I’m thinking of Then there’s the self esteem aspects, linked so closely to culture. In France an artist is a normal person. In England an artist is an anomaly. In Italy an artist is not a person who is alive, artists being those who are dead and famous, adorning bottles of wine. Or so it seems to me… It’s hard to consider in a “real way” that one is an artist. Especially so if you never went to art school? I find it hard. With Hatchery it has become easier. Why?

Possibly because my self esteem as an artist is so non existent, I have consistently believed that the other Hatchery artists did not consider me to be an artist. I have been an artist for 30 years in my imagination but never had a chance to do it with confidence and audience before in real life – or if I did it was fleeting, just a bit, here, there, not for long. A tiny exhibition, a sale that year, one the next. In such a mental space of questioning who one is -one’s working identity of which I have already a few – I’ve been battling with this identity issue. In it I decided to simply BE an artist. It feels great.

It feels undeniable.

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